Blogs on Gifted Challenges - 2016-2020

Listed below are links to blogs about social and emotional challenges faced by intellectually and musically "gifted" children, adults and their families, published at:



Five misconceptions about therapists

Who is the gifted underachiever? Four types of underachievement in gifted children

What causes gifted underachievement?

Why do smart girls develop eating disorders?

What keeps women from STEM careers?

25 signs your gifted child is misunderstood at school 

Power in numbers: How gifted advocacy parent groups can help you and your kids

Choose wisely: Some truths about elite colleges for gifted students

Are you pressuring your child too much?

Women, success, and harnessing inherent strengths

Intelligence denied: When gifted children's abilities are ignored

Labels stick: The harmful impact of mislabeling children

What schools could learn from chess

Is your gifted teen socially isolated?

Tips for helping your socially isolated gifted teen

Back to school tips for gifted teens, middle schoolers and their parents

Parents of young musicians: Finding community and support

Another (and possibly the most important reason) to advocate for your gifted child

What is so threatening about academic acceleration?

Boredom, school and the gifted child: Challenging its inevitability

For the gifted community in the election aftermath

Best gifted education articles of 2016




Gifted advocacy: A call to action

Making it safe to be smart

When gifted kids get to exhale

What not to say to your gifted child

Ability grouping works - and is essential in middle school and beyond

Your musically gifted child's road to college

Choices exclude: The existential burden of multipotentiality

Gifted overthinkers: What makes them tick?

A gifted person's guide to therapy

How the media discredits successful students

How to explain "giftedness" to your child

Five reasons to consider an elite college (and they're not what you think)

Help your gifted child find work-play balance

Six reasons to stop treating gifted kids as "special"

Helping your gifted child in the aftermath of Charlottesville

One of the greatest barriers to gifted education

Are you too much of a critic?

Social-emotional learning and the gifted child

Ignite creative fire in your gifted child

Getting your gifted boy through middle school

When gifted children are not identified as gifted

Key relationship dilemmas for gifted women

Ten great articles in 2017 about musical skills development, music education, and performance

Gifted education 2017: My top picks for interesting, controversial, and thought-provoking articles from the past year




Five years of Gifted Challenges

Let's get real about gifted kids

Ten no-frills articles on college planning for gifted children

Weathering rough times: The highs and lows of raising a gifted child

Stop ridiculing gifted kids!

What your gifted child won't learn from academics

No, it's not time to ditch the gifted label

Giftedness and the growth mindset: Lessons from music and sports

How to discipline your gifted child

Gifted adults: Embracing complexity

When is it more than giftedness? A psychologist's perspective

What most parents of gifted children wish they had known about college planning

Where can I find a friend? How asynchronous development affects relationships

Welcome to gifted parenting: A checklist of emotions

Three essential tips for teachers of gifted children

When gifted students feel disconnected from school

Is it obsessing or just overthinking?

How to help your underachieving gifted child

Help your gifted child make sense of the recent news

How addressing recent hate crimes is relevant to gifted education

Abandoning perfectionism

What's so controversial about testing for gifted services?

Your child is gifted! Now what?




A day in the life of a gifted teen

When injustice strikes: Guiding your gifted teen

When your gifted child disappoints

Late blooming gifted children

College admissions cheating scandal: Its impact on gifted and high ability students

Where do I belong? The gifted person's lament

Is it all right to feel proud of your gifted child?

What do psychologists do (and why would you go to see one)?

The interface of anxiety, overthinking and shame among gifted children and teens

Never spank your child (and here's why)

When should your gifted child start kindergarten?

Do gifted children struggle with anxiety?

Gifted advocacy is an education

What many parents wish the "experts" knew about gifted children

Families of gifted teens: Avoid these "worst" college visitation mistakes

The gift of advocacy




Academic acceleration: When is it the right choice for your child?

Gifted kids, spirituality, anti-intellectualism and existential struggle: A mixed bag

Endless possibilities for gifted children and adults

Five essential guidelines to help your child during this global crisis

On Independence Day, 2020: Tips for families of gifted children

Cultivating empathy and tolerance in our children and students

Ten college planning tips: What families of gifted children need to know

The winding path of gifted education: An example

When is it safe to be smart?