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The Gifted Parenting Journey

The Gifted Parenting Journey addresses the unique challenges facing parents of gifted or high ability children and teens.

Learn more about raising gifted children, navigate your own reactions as a parent, and find support along your parenting journey!

Mental health professionals can now receive continuing education credits for reading The Gifted Parenting Journey through SENG. All proceeds for the course go to this non-profit organization that supports the needs of the gifted.

Gifted Challenges

Gifted challenges is now going strong for over 10 years. Sign up here for articles about giftedness, parenting, and gifted education, along with my newsletter. 

Wise & Well

I am now writing for Medium's Wise & Well with a focus on mental health, well-being, psychotherapy, parenting, and relationships. 


I have had the privilege of speaking about giftedness and parenting gifted children on several podcasts recently. Have a listen!


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