Gifted Parenting Journey Workshop

The Gifted Parenting Journey Workshop is an online, four-part workshop series focusing on your unique joys, struggles, challenges, and questions related to parenting a gifted child. Based on my new book, The Gifted Parenting Journey, this workshop will address the unique emotions, expectations, and needs of parents of gifted children. Participants will be asked to explore questions and ideas related to the topics listed below, and engage in a lively and interactive discussion. It is anticipated that participation in the workshop will enliven your sense of purpose, confidence, and clarity as a parent, and provide much-needed camaraderie and support.


What I bring: While the workshop is both a psychoeducational and supportive place for discussing parenting concerns (and is not psychotherapy), I still bring over 35 years of training and experience as a Clinical Psychologist and Group Psychotherapist to these meetings, along with many years as a gifted parenting coach/consultant and workshop leader, my personal experience as a parent to two gifted young adults, and many years as co-chair of a gifted parents advocacy group.


What you bring: Your active engagement and participation is a critical part of the group. You can bring your questions, ideas, and personal wisdom as a parent of a gifted child. Your openness to self-exploration and discussion and willingness to offer your support to other group members will benefit you and the other group members.


What we can expect from each other: Expectations for group participation include respectful dialogue, a willingness to share (but only what feels safe and comfortable), keeping what others say confidential, and remaining attentive to others’ concerns. Attentive group participation involves your regular attendance, ensuring that you have a quiet and private space where you can speak without interruption, keeping your zoom screen on throughout the session, and refraining from distractions during the session, such as responding to text messages. Due to the confidential nature of the group, you may not record these sessions.


What you can expect from me: I will provide a structure and framework to the meeting, offer insights and general information about gifted parenting, and encourage a respectful, engaging, interactive discussion. Ideas and questions for discussion will be emailed to you each week prior to the meeting so that you have some time to think about the topics. I typically will not offer specific guidance regarding individual concerns, but instead, may share general parenting guidelines. I will intervene in the unlikely event of any problems that could arise (for example, the rare possibility of conflict among members). As mentioned above, I bring my years as a psychotherapist and group facilitator to the sessions and will encourage a pace and sense of community that should feel both enlivening and safe for group participants.


What topics will be included:

Week 1. An overview of parenting expectations specifically related to gifted children, such as academic needs, intensity, and asynchronous development

Week 2. Parenting influences – managing others’ expectations, including direct or subtle influences from your family of origin, social media, teachers, friends and neighbors, and family members, and determining what fits and what to discard

Week 3. Managing your emotional reactions – pride, envy, embarrassment, worry, regret, frustration, and coming to terms with having a gifted child

Week 4. Specific dilemmas related to giftedness when supporting and setting limits with your child – managing your own reactions and determining what works best for you and your child


Registration and Fees: Please note that registration is now closed. If you are interested in future participation in a workshop, please email me at and I will include you on a list. Thank you!


1. Registration: Please complete the registration form listed below and hit the submit button.


(Or, you may instead email me your address and phone number at so that I have them for my records, and then proceed to pay through Stripe.)



2. Payment: A low, introductory, one-time fee of $120.00 will be charged, which covers all four sessions and materials that will be forwarded to you for self-exploration and discussion. Your payment through Stripe for $120.00 secures your registration: You can pay here on Stripe. 


Several additional points:


1. I am limiting the number of people who can sign up. Therefore, I will not issue any refunds if you decide to withdraw from the workshop less than two weeks before the start date. Keeping the group to a relatively small number of participants allows for a greater level of trust and more opportunities for an interactive discussion. 


2. I will close registration once we have reached the maximum number of participants. If registration is closed, please email me at to let me know if you would like to be on the waiting list for a later workshop series, or if space opens up here.


3. I ask that you reserve a fifth Monday time in your schedule as a back-up. Similar to snow days at school, I wanted to ensure that we have a make-up day should we encounter winter woes or unexpected events - if I became ill or experienced a power outage and had to cancel, or if more than half of group participants were ill or encountered similar unexpected events. So please reserve an additional date should the unexpected occur. 


4. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, you can send a check to me directly at my office: 711 West Ave., Suite 2, Jenkintown, Pa. 19046. I would need to receive the check within a week of your registration to reserve your spot. You also may use other payment sources, such as Venmo through @GailPostPhD or PayPal



4. If you would like to purchase my new book, The Gifted Parenting Journey, it can be found online through any of the following sources: Gifted Unlimited PressAmazonBarnes & Noble, and other local, regional, and international booksellers.