Blogs on Gifted Challenges - 2013-2016

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What is this blog for, anyway?

Let's not call them "gifted"

What's in a name? Gifted or High Aptitude Learner?

Different than the rest: Social challenges of gifted adolescents

Giftedness and Non-conformity

Your child is gifted: A parent's reaction

Choosing the right college for gifted students: The fit factor

What is most often overlooked when considering private school for your gifted child?

Public High School Survival Guide for gifted students

The gifted child's lament: How to adjust to an unjust world

Countering misinformation: How parents can challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about giftedness

What to say to your gifted child...about being gifted

What stops girls from learning math?

So I'm gifted...Now what?

Gifted children and the overachievement fallacy

A life lesson for gifted children: failure

Sending your gifted child to college: Providing support when fears arise

Top blogs about gifted children, gifted education, and parenting

When children realize they are gifted

Gifted education "lite": Helping your child adapt

Supporting musically gifted children: Challenging social and emotional roadblocks to success

Parenting a musically talented child: Understanding your own reactions so you can encourage your child

For parents of musically gifted children: Get out of your own way so your child can flourish

Don't wait to get your gifted child tested!

When does therapy benefit gifted adolescents?

Gifted children need a place to belong

Five hurdles gifted college students must overcome

Top ten blog posts and articles about gifted children in 2013




Gifted and arrogant: What does "Sherlock" reveal about giftedness?

Gifted or pretty: What do parents want for their daughters?

Guiding the gifted through difficult times: James Webb's "Searching for Meaning"

Tips for taming test anxiety (because even gifted kids get anxious)

Why some teachers just don't "get it" about gifted education

Six tips for communicating with your gifted child's teacher

Ten reasons why your gifted child procrastinates

Why aren't you advocating for your gifted child?

April 1st is no joke for some gifted high school seniors

Eliminate gifted education?

Why is the "gifted" label so threatening?

Gifted Women, Gifted Girls, and Mental Health

Gifted children need the gift of play

Caught in the middle: How to help gifted children survive the middle school years

Are all gifted children early readers?

Giftedness explored: An update

What hidden emotions complicate parenting a gifted child?

How school policy affects gifted children's friendships (and what you can do about it)

Back to school blues: Why gifted teens dread returning to school

Parenting an artistically talented child

Banish boredom from school for your gifted child

The $5 million dollar embarrassment (guest post with Dr. Jim Delisle)

Fearless advocacy: A day in the life of a gifted child's parent

Stop misrepresenting gifted education research

It's all in the wiring: Gifted development that doesn't fit the norm

Stress management toolbox: Nine tips for parents of gifted children

How (not) to praise your gifted child

Ten essential tips to help your gifted teen plan for college

There is life after high school - even for gifted teens

Being gifted is not a choice

Ten best gifted education articles of 2014: Informative, controversial and enlightening




Gifted Challenges: Top five blog posts of 2014

Guilty thoughts: What parents of gifted children really think

How to explain IQ testing to your gifted child

Is shame holding back your musically talented child?

Five tips gifted students need to consider when choosing a college

When schools cannot meet gifted children's needs

Strategic practice (It's not how much, but how)

Is it really so terrible to be gifted?

Are gifted individuals really perfectionists?

Why differentiated instruction fails gifted children

Difficult passage: Gifted girls in middle school

The grit-talent dichotomy: Creating false expectations for gifted children

The gift of free time: Reclaiming the preschool years

Tune in to your gifted child's needs

Gifted adults and relationships: Ten sources of conflict

Gifted adults: Key questions that can help improve your relationships

Tips for parents of gifted children: What most parents wish they had known

What was the best class your gifted child had in school?

Supporting your emotionally excitable gifted child

Gifted children and adults: When is therapy helpful?

Why do smart women forego success?

Underachievers under-the-radar: How seemingly successful gifted students fall short of their potential

Holiday stress: What parents of gifted children need to know

Gifted Challenges' best parenting blog posts




Five misconceptions about therapists

Who is the gifted underachiever? Four types of underachievement in gifted children

What causes gifted underachievement?

Why do smart girls develop eating disorders?

What keeps women from STEM careers?

25 signs your gifted child is misunderstood at school 

Power in numbers: How gifted advocacy parent groups can help you and your kids

Choose wisely: Some truths about elite colleges for gifted students

Are you pressuring your child too much?

Women, success, and harnessing inherent strengths

Intelligence denied: When gifted children's abilities are ignored

Labels stick: The harmful impact of mislabeling children

What schools could learn from chess

Is your gifted teen socially isolated?

Tips for helping your socially isolated gifted teen

Back to school tips for gifted teens, middle schoolers and their parents

Parents of young musicians: Finding community and support

Another (and possibly the most important reason) to advocate for your gifted child

What is so threatening about academic acceleration?

Boredom, school and the gifted child: Challenging its inevitability

For the gifted community in the election aftermath

Best gifted education articles of 2016