Blogs on Gifted Challenges - 2021-2024

Listed below are links to blogs about social and emotional challenges faced by intellectually and musically "gifted" children, adults and their families, published at:



Creating a learning map: A self-discovery tool for the gifted

Finding the right music teacher for your musically gifted child

How to help your gifted child build resilience: Reframing failure

Building resilience: Strategies to support your gifted child

Stop the shaming: Why we must advocated for gifted children now

What gifted advocacy is not

Tall tales: When your gifted child lies to you

What's so bad about being gifted?

Back to school during a pandemic: How to help your gifted child thrive

How gifted children view their giftedness

What kind of gifted person will you become?





Why parents of gifted children need support

When you compare your gifted child to others

Why does giftedness remain unrecognized among some gifted children?

What's so bad about intensity?

Five resilience-building tips for your gifted child this summer

Are AP classes good (or bad) for gifted students?

The Gifted Parenting Journey

What are the "4 E's" of gifted parenting?

Gifted education: Why is it still so controversial?

Baseball, the World Series, and gifted education

Another call to action: Join the mission to clarify giftedness for the uninformed

Great gifted education articles from 2022





Ten years later: What has changed and what remains the same in gifted education

Parenting decisions: Good for you... or good for your child?

Eating disorders among the gifted: Are they more at risk?

Women, success, and harnessing inherent strengths: An update

Parenting with courage

Five tips for communicating with your gifted child's teacher

First, do no harm: Nine tactics that teachers of gifted students should avoid

When your gifted or twice-exceptional child does not fit in: Six tips for parents

What happens when gifted kids coast through school?

The gifted child's rocky path to adulthood... and how you can help

Why is attunement so essential when parenting a gifted or twice-exceptional child?

When the adults in charge disappoint: Helping your gifted child endure





Gifted impatience: Is it a thing?

You can't fool a gifted kid; they spot inauthenticity a mile away

What giftedness is not: A list to share with those who don't get it 

College admissions for gifted students: Emotions, uncertainty, and decisions